Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four

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Changes are in store for 2008, but one thing is for certain – WE WILL CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN OUR STRANGLEHOLD ON FIRST PLACE.

One need look no further than our last official act of 2007, our 2nd Annual Drive for the Wachusett Food Pantry, for proof.

This year we helped raise $175 in monetary donations towards the food pantry as well as 20 bags of groceries that will help feed needy families in the Wachusett area.

Kudos go to cabinet members Katie (Caribbean Queen) O’Connell, Megan (Hehir) Marshall and Beth (Woody) Woodcome who helped with this effort.

Unfortunately the trio were up to their old bag of tricks. Katie, Megan and Beth were caught again with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.
When asked what their favorite part of the drive is, they mumbled as crumbs poured out of their mouth. A few chews later, Megan said, “The free cookies.”
Their parents alerted us to the fact that the three Sterlingites raided their respective family’s kitchens for chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies, fig newtons, and double stuff chocolate oreos.

This falls on the heels of last year’s fiasco in which Katie ate more than eight boxes of Nutter Butters, twenty boxes of Chips Ahoy and a Keebler elf.
Luckily, the Wachusett Food Pantry does not accept donations of cookies.
Punishments were handed out quickly.
All three have been grounded for three months, their television privileges have been taken away and they will not be attending Winter Carnival this year (with all apologies to Katie’s date, Ludwig Haber; Megan’s date, Josh Kingdon; and Woody’s date, Adam Borce).
When asked to comment on the most severe sanctions ever handed down on members of the class, President Mo Cheeks said, “That is the way the cookie crumbles, pun intended.”
Vice President Tyler Bradshaw said, “If we don’t stand up for these cookies, then we will fall for anything.”