Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four



As many of you know by now Dave Wuth purchased a home in December with the sole purpose of donating it to the Class of 1994.

Today he finalized the paperwork, recorded the quitclaim with the registry of deeds in Worcester, and lastly executed a fiduciary habendum clause on the insurer to ensure there is no lineal dispute with probate.

This means THE BEST CLASS EVER is now the co-owner of the property. “It’s Christmas come early for us,” Dave Wuth told FOX News as tears came down his face. “The Class o’ 94 is now in the property management business. We own all the records so I figured it was time we start owning all the homes and business units in the Wachusett district. We are one step closer to that goal.”

Wuth will remain as the primary tenant, but any classmate will be able to stay the night or weekend in our home (pictured above) as long as Wuth is given 24 hours notice. “I will always lay out blankets for you,” he said.

Over the past six months Wuth has fixed up the home with one goal – to host our SWEET 16 reunion in November.

“I think it’s ready,” Dave said. “But people should be careful of the nails protruding from the floorboards, dead rats in the living room and brown water from the tap.”

Other concerns for those attending our reunion:

  • There is no heating, but Wuth hopes to have one working electrical outlet to plug in a portable heater UNLESS the DJ needs it for his gear.
  • There is no bathroom, but a portion of the admission price MAY be used to pay for a Porta John unless people want to just go outside. “I may just clear a path to the woods so people can go to the bathroom there,” Wuth said.
  • There is probably enough room to fit 7 people safely so people will have to spend most of their time in their cars.
  • Be careful of the trap door at the front entrance. It is a 15 foot drop and there is no way to get people out of there.
  • Attendees will need to wear a mask or respirator due to the exposed asbestos throughout the home.

“Other than that people should be fine,” Wuth said. “I’ll see everybody in November.”