Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four

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First Lucky 21 Sign Up

Melissa Strickland has proved herself worth of Class of 94.

Melissa Strickland has proved herself worthy of being called a member of The Best Class Ever!

In a little more than a month, The Best Class Ever will convene to make history as part of the first-ever Lucky 21-Forever 21-21 Jump Street Reunion. No one thought it was possible, but once again we are proving the naysayers wrong.

Leading the charge is Melissa Strickland who was the first to send in her payment for this exclusive V.I.P. party. This is a far cry from high school when many questioned Stricky’s allegiances. Our sophomore year, she was seen gallivanting with St. Peter Marian (yuck!) students, eating cotton candy with them at the Greendale Mall. Our junior year, Stricky once shared a locker with Class o’ 95’s Jacky Melone (get real).

But Stricky has shown her maturity since then, attending all three of our previous historic reunions and dedicating her life to everything Wachusett. In the midst of preparing for our Lucky 21, Stricky answered some questions about how she has changed for the better since high school.

Nickname: Stricky Stricky Bang Bang

Favorite Thing: Class of ’94, hands down.

Idea of a Romantic Date: Anywhere with a Wachusett in its name. Obviously, Wachusett High School tops the list, but not far behind is Wachusett Mountain. Wachusett Brewery because without us they would be nothing. They also have a Wachusett packy in West Boylston and that would be a nice, romantic night out, just going there and thinking about Wachusett and getting a class discount on anything I purchase there.

Something We Don’t Know About You: I bleed green. All the time.

Something Else We Don’t Know About You: I have a tattoo of the Wachusett mountaineer on my back. I have “94” tattooed on my shoulder. I have “Pandiscio Rules!” on my left bicep. I  have “WRHS: Let’s Go Greeeeenie!” on my right bicep. And I have the five town seals – Holden, Princeton, Paxton, Rutland and Sterling – tattooed on my lower back.

What’s One of Your Favorite Memories from High School: Just how all the other classes were always gunning for us. We were ahead of our time with everything we did. Our combined G.P.A. was off the charts. We had more snow days than any other class our senior year. How can you top that? You can’t. That’s why everyone tried to destroy  us with rumor and innuendo, but it never worked. Deflate this, Class of 92!

If You Had One Wish: I’d wish for a time machine so I could go back to 1994.