Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four

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Following what was the first-ever Lucky 21/Forever 21/21 Jump Street Reunion held by any high school class, people are jumping on the bandwagon and once again declaring the Class of 1994 the best ever.

We had a chance to interview the Laidlaws about this immediately after the reunion. What you are about to hear is two people who pulled no punches when it comes to the status of our class and where we rank when it comes to our competitors.


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Stu Yo Is Pissed

Stu Yo is sick of the attacks on Class President Chico and Class of 1994 Best Class Ever to Ever Graduate

Stu Yo is sick of the attacks on Class President Chico and Class of 1994 Best Class Ever to Ever Graduate

Yesterday morning, Eric “Stu Yo” Stuart threw out the first pitch before Wachusett’s Thanksgiving Day tilt against Shrewsbury. “It was an honor to be recognized for my greatness and the great stuff the Best Class Ever has done,” Stuey said with tears coming down his face.

After taking a few minutes to compose himself, Stuey was filled with passion and rage for the attacks being levied against our class. The critics have been saying we’re old and many of our classmates have arthritis. “That’s just not true,” screamed Stuey.

Stuey told The Best Class Ever Council on Excellence that he attends every Wachusett football game and tells the team to get it going whenever they are down. “That seems to work,” Stuey said.

Earlier this season, Stuey attended the Wachusett-St. John’s game, sitting in the Presidential Suite with Class President Chico. Together they watched as Wachusett gave up the victory to league rival St. John’s.

“It’s just not right,” Stuey said as he ran hills after the game. Stuey said this year’s Wachusett team would never compare to the one he played on in 1994. “One through 52, we were deep,” Stuey said, listing Steve Coyle’s tenacity, Evan McNamara’s pure excellence, Larry Rettig’s tail, Scott Stidsen’s fire and Tyler Bradshaw’s will to win as the factors that made the WRHS 94 football team the best ever.

“Every day I was in the weight room benching 350, 400 pounds,” Stuey said. “Rettig would tell me to slow down and I’d just tell him to put more weight on. I crushed it.”

Stuey said this year’s team lacks the commitment to do whatever it takes to win. He recalled Coyle’s 94-yard punt return against Holy Name to win it all in the 1993 Thanksgiving Day game. He also remembered Evan McNamara throwing the football over the entire high school. One time Stuey saw Stidsen yell so loud it shattered the windows in the glass staircase. “You can’t beat that kind of stuff,” Stuey said.

And that’s why Stuey gets furious when people say the Class of 94 is getting soft. “If anything, we’re getting stronger. And tonight at the Lucky 21, I will prove it,” Stuey said with tears coming out his eyes. “I don’t mince words. I never have. I never will. Our class is so talented and a lot of times I just let my body do the talking.”

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Best Thanksgiving Ever

The Class of 1994 could never,ever be beat.

Every Thanksgiving members of our class give thanks to how awesome we are, but no Thanksgiving compares to the one we celebrated in November 1993. That was the year Coyle took over and cemented his status as the most electric three-way player ever. QB Evan McNamara surpassed all expectations with 949.4 yards passing. Larry Rettig, Eric Stuart and Tyler Bradshaw were all over the field showing that nobody can beat the Best Class Ever, nobody except ourselves.

“When I look back at that day, I realize it was the Best Thanksgiving Ever,” said Stuey with tears in his eyes.

Final Score

Wachusett: Infinity

Holy  Name: Negative Infinity

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Laidlaw Strikes Back


Doug Laidlaw has come out swinging with his latest op-ed on the Reunion King controversy.

After Thursday’s post about Doug Laidlaw’s surprise announcement that he is vying for The Reunion King title, traffic to our website has been at an all-time high. It nearly crashed our server with people from all over the world weighing in on who should and will win the Lucky 21 Reunion King title at the end of November. 

It also led to a furious Doug e-mailing his class president to question the allegiances of Rettig and Reyo while wondering whether Carbs is even fit to be the king. The following is the unedited version of Doug’s e-mail in which he presents his case to his fellow classmates: 

Chico – I would like to respond to this nonsense and to set the record straight. Please share with the class. I have much to address. First of which will be about frigging Carbonneau. I mean really. Rettig wants to choose Carbonneau?? He really must not be smarter than a second grader.

I certainly don’t believe all this Reyo nonsense. When I read that I knew this wasn’t legit. Reyo is a former Avery Heights Posse member. He and Dudley ran our streets. And Jones and I were on their side, so I know Reyo wouldn’t side with Carbs. Let me share some 1st hand knowledge of the Dudley/Matthews crew. I remember way back when I was like 13 playing in the streets of Wild Willow Road and a car comes by and waves to us kids…..well, Dudley was the one behind the wheel. He’s one of the most underestimated bad ass kids of Wachusett and I’m glad to have him on my side. I mean Dudley was driving before I even had my diapers off. That’s badass.

Then there was that infamous party on Avery Heights that Josh Kingdon’s folks put an end to. The same party where Matthews/Dudley had scanners and Sara Leander had a famous asthma attack as the cops stormed. Not surprisingly the pair had a scanner and were ahead of the curve. Point is that Reyo and Dudley are loyal to the Laidlaws. Just because Carbs went to Westfield with Jones doesn’t make him fit for a reunion king.

I am campaigning hard for Jones and I expect others to do so as well. He brings knowledge and has been in the captain’s seat before. I laugh when I see Lewis with zero votes. The class of ’94 is so talented that we will put our resources where they are needed. I will have Lewis and Roberge instead focusing their powers on financial management of our class. Personnel will be handled by Harmon the leader of the Harmon/Hoffman group. I will likely bring in Laura Costello as my associate to cover women issues within our class. After all Nordy is married to her sister. I will be bringing Hooten and Senkowski to our military forces as they once orchestrated the Hooten/Payson fight. But I will also bring two classmates to our inner circle with Jones and I. Jones and I will be bringing Hough and Woonat into the mix. The always unpredictable Hough will likely be drinking. You never know what he’s thinking. He may snap at anytime and I like that. Then there’s Nate Wood.  Woonat will probably be setting explosives to somebody’s car cause he’s so damn angry.

Just beat it Carbs.You had your chance as Reunion King and it just didn’t work. Shit, I thought you went to St. Johns anyway. Why don’t you go put on that track outfit one more time. Thank you for your attention. Our class reunion is not a privilege but a responsibility, one that Jones and I take seriously. Class of 93 had Benson and Granahan, but we have so much more. Vote responsibly.

2015 Father of the Year and Brother to the real Reunion King,

Doug Laidlaw

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A New Threat to the Reunion King

Doug Laidlaw has put his name into the running for Reunion King.

After winning the Father of the Year trophy, Doug Laidlaw decided to put his name into the running for Reunion King.

Until now, it’s been a two-horse race to determine who’s going to be the next reunion king later this month: reigning champ Carbs or two-time winner Dave “JOOOOOONNES” Laidlaw.

“The smart money is on Carbs,” said class stalwart Larry Rettig, as tears ran down his face “But you can’t bet against JOOOONES because he’s been there before.”

But last week, the Class of ’94 executive board learned that JOOOONES’ own brother Doug is gunning for it all this year. The Landmark reported that Doug was seen multiple times on the ropes course at Wachusett over the past month during late-night sessions aimed at winning it all.

When finally confronted about those sessions at Papa Gino’s in Holden, Doug said he’s furious at how Carbs didn’t sign autographs or take pictures with his classmates after winning the Reunion King title at the Sweet 16. “He walked out on us,” Doug said. “I’ll never forget that for as long as I live.”

Reyo Matthews, whose Reunion King vote is weighted (giving him 4 total RK votes) to account for his seniority in our class, defended Carbs. “When Carbs won the Reunion King, he gave us athleticism, know-how and a will-to-win,” Reyo said with tears in his eyes. “That’s not to take anything away from what JOOOONES has accomplished, but Carbs took our class to another level.”

“That’s garbage,” a disgusted Doug said with tears in his eyes. “It’s clear that Reyo goes whichever way the wind blows.”

Friends of Doug said he has been a man on a mission ever since he won the Father of the Year trophy on Father’s Day Eve. “He saw that the impossible was possible,” said a tearful class entrepreneur Mark Roberge. “Aside from winning Reunion King, Father of the Year is where it’s at.”

Roberge said that from a purely entrepreneurial, sales-based analysis, Doug has the intangibles to do the unthinkable – win Father of the Year and Reunion King title in the same year. “That’s the Triple Crown of awesomeness,” said Roberge, who listed Doug’s height, wingspan and flexibility as some of his greatest strengths.

When asked to predict a favorite, Roberge hedged his bets. “Look man, someone like Mike Lewis is a dark horse candidate as well. We have so much talent in our class that anyone could take home the crown,” he said with tears in his eyes. “It’s why we’re the best class ever.”

So know it’s your turn to weigh in on the question everybody is asking: who do you think will win the Reunion King title at our Lucky 21?

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First Lucky 21 Sign Up

Melissa Strickland has proved herself worth of Class of 94.

Melissa Strickland has proved herself worthy of being called a member of The Best Class Ever!

In a little more than a month, The Best Class Ever will convene to make history as part of the first-ever Lucky 21-Forever 21-21 Jump Street Reunion. No one thought it was possible, but once again we are proving the naysayers wrong.

Leading the charge is Melissa Strickland who was the first to send in her payment for this exclusive V.I.P. party. This is a far cry from high school when many questioned Stricky’s allegiances. Our sophomore year, she was seen gallivanting with St. Peter Marian (yuck!) students, eating cotton candy with them at the Greendale Mall. Our junior year, Stricky once shared a locker with Class o’ 95’s Jacky Melone (get real).

But Stricky has shown her maturity since then, attending all three of our previous historic reunions and dedicating her life to everything Wachusett. In the midst of preparing for our Lucky 21, Stricky answered some questions about how she has changed for the better since high school.

Nickname: Stricky Stricky Bang Bang

Favorite Thing: Class of ’94, hands down.

Idea of a Romantic Date: Anywhere with a Wachusett in its name. Obviously, Wachusett High School tops the list, but not far behind is Wachusett Mountain. Wachusett Brewery because without us they would be nothing. They also have a Wachusett packy in West Boylston and that would be a nice, romantic night out, just going there and thinking about Wachusett and getting a class discount on anything I purchase there.

Something We Don’t Know About You: I bleed green. All the time.

Something Else We Don’t Know About You: I have a tattoo of the Wachusett mountaineer on my back. I have “94” tattooed on my shoulder. I have “Pandiscio Rules!” on my left bicep. I  have “WRHS: Let’s Go Greeeeenie!” on my right bicep. And I have the five town seals – Holden, Princeton, Paxton, Rutland and Sterling – tattooed on my lower back.

What’s One of Your Favorite Memories from High School: Just how all the other classes were always gunning for us. We were ahead of our time with everything we did. Our combined G.P.A. was off the charts. We had more snow days than any other class our senior year. How can you top that? You can’t. That’s why everyone tried to destroy  us with rumor and innuendo, but it never worked. Deflate this, Class of 92!

If You Had One Wish: I’d wish for a time machine so I could go back to 1994.