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Carbs Has Been Called Out!

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As we reported earlier this year in an exclusive story there is no love lost between Jeff Carbonneau and Dave “JOOOOOONES” Laidlaw.

The acrimony between the two sides came to a head after the Sweet 16 Reunion when Carbs shocked the world by pulling off the greatest upset in history by snatching the Reunion King title from Laidlaw, a two-time winner in 1999 and 2004.

Since then a lawsuit has been filed with the Laidlaws claiming that Carbs has not only disrespected the title, but the Best Class Ever with his antics. Now comes the latest attack on Carbs’ character in a video first shown on TMZ earlier this week. Clearly, both Dave and Doug Laidlaw are pulling out all the stops in calling Carbs out as a fraud and a has-been.

And JOOOOOONES has put Carbs on notice with his performance of “It Takes Two” that he is gunning for the title, regardless of how the lawsuit turns out.

WARNING: The following video is not recommended for children under 12, those who are pregnant, anyone experiencing heart palpitations, diabetes or people with weak stomachs.

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