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Lawsuit Filed Over Reunion King Title!

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JOOOONES has promised to come after Carbs and expose him as a fraud.

JOOOONES has promised to come after Carbs and expose him as a fraud.

Four years after Carbonneau stunned the world by dethroning Dave “JOOOOOOONES” Laidlaw as the Sweet 16 Reunion King it appears that JOOOOOOONES is still not happy with the outcome.

“Something is wrong when you dedicate your entire life to the Class of 94 and get beaten by a fair weather fan like Carbs,” he said outside the US District Courthouse in Boston yesterday afternoon after he filed a lawsuit alleging fraud and wrongdoing on the part of the Reunion Committee.

If successful legal experts say this lawsuit could change the way reunion awards are given out not only in Central Massachusetts, but throughout the country. “This is huge,” Megan Marshall, a lawyer specializing in tort reform, said. “Legally, this is a big thing.”

Laidlaw says he just wants what is rightfully his: THE REUNION KING crown.

“You have to earn it,” Carbonneau’s legal team said in a press release. “Clearly JONES did not earn it.”

But Laidlaw’s lawyer – the Class of 94’s own Brian Payson – said he begs to differ. “The facts are there in black and white,” said Payson, who is working the case pro bono.

Laidlaw’s case rests on the following points:

  1. Class logs show that Laidlaw arrived at the Sweet 16 Reunion at 6:57 PM, three minutes before the actual start of the reunion and exactly 39 minutes before Carbs showed up. “That’s a blatant slap in the face to the best class ever,” Laidlaw said in tears. “You don’t show up late to a Class of 94 function. Ever. Show some decency.”
  2. Laidlaw brought a vegetable platter with ranch dressing to the reunion. Carbs brought nothing. “I feed my friends,” Laidlaw said. “Carbs only feeds his ego.”
  3. The hashtag #teamlaidlaw nearly brought down Twitter the night of the reunion as users of the social media were anticipating a three-peat from Laidlaw, who had won the reunion king title in 1999 and 2004. Not one #teamcarbonneau tweet was logged that evening.
  4. For six months leading up to the reunion Laidlaw trained in the high altitude climate of Colorado where his body became a one-man wrecking crew.


Expert testimony is expected to come from a slew of Class of 94 dignitaries including JOOOOOOONES’ own brother Doug, Reyo Matthews, The Nerks, and Steve Coyle.

Lisa Cederbaum, a surprise witness, could be the key to the entire case as rumors has it she rigged the voting to bring JOOOOOOONES down. Laidlaw said he would not be surprised after how Cederbaum handled class finances in 1992. “She is ruining our class!” Laidlaw said as tears came down his face.

Oddly enough, Laidlaw is not seeking monetary compensation in the lawsuit. “All I want is respect,” he told reporters. “Not only for me. But the Class of 94. With Carbs wearing the crown we can NEVER have that. His win is tainted.”

Respect the Class of 94

JOOOONES said Carbs has disrespected the class with his reunion king win.

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