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Stu Yo Is Pissed

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Stu Yo is sick of the attacks on Class President Chico and Class of 1994 Best Class Ever to Ever Graduate

Stu Yo is sick of the attacks on Class President Chico and Class of 1994 Best Class Ever to Ever Graduate

Yesterday morning, Eric “Stu Yo” Stuart threw out the first pitch before Wachusett’s Thanksgiving Day tilt against Shrewsbury. “It was an honor to be recognized for my greatness and the great stuff the Best Class Ever has done,” Stuey said with tears coming down his face.

After taking a few minutes to compose himself, Stuey was filled with passion and rage for the attacks being levied against our class. The critics have been saying we’re old and many of our classmates have arthritis. “That’s just not true,” screamed Stuey.

Stuey told The Best Class Ever Council on Excellence that he attends every Wachusett football game and tells the team to get it going whenever they are down. “That seems to work,” Stuey said.

Earlier this season, Stuey attended the Wachusett-St. John’s game, sitting in the Presidential Suite with Class President Chico. Together they watched as Wachusett gave up the victory to league rival St. John’s.

“It’s just not right,” Stuey said as he ran hills after the game. Stuey said this year’s Wachusett team would never compare to the one he played on in 1994. “One through 52, we were deep,” Stuey said, listing Steve Coyle’s tenacity, Evan McNamara’s pure excellence, Larry Rettig’s tail, Scott Stidsen’s fire and Tyler Bradshaw’s will to win as the factors that made the WRHS 94 football team the best ever.

“Every day I was in the weight room benching 350, 400 pounds,” Stuey said. “Rettig would tell me to slow down and I’d just tell him to put more weight on. I crushed it.”

Stuey said this year’s team lacks the commitment to do whatever it takes to win. He recalled Coyle’s 94-yard punt return against Holy Name to win it all in the 1993 Thanksgiving Day game. He also remembered Evan McNamara throwing the football over the entire high school. One time Stuey saw Stidsen yell so loud it shattered the windows in the glass staircase. “You can’t beat that kind of stuff,” Stuey said.

And that’s why Stuey gets furious when people say the Class of 94 is getting soft. “If anything, we’re getting stronger. And tonight at the Lucky 21, I will prove it,” Stuey said with tears coming out his eyes. “I don’t mince words. I never have. I never will. Our class is so talented and a lot of times I just let my body do the talking.”

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