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Laidlaw Strikes Back

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Doug Laidlaw has come out swinging with his latest op-ed on the Reunion King controversy.

After Thursday’s post about Doug Laidlaw’s surprise announcement that he is vying for The Reunion King title, traffic to our website has been at an all-time high. It nearly crashed our server with people from all over the world weighing in on who should and will win the Lucky 21 Reunion King title at the end of November. 

It also led to a furious Doug e-mailing his class president to question the allegiances of Rettig and Reyo while wondering whether Carbs is even fit to be the king. The following is the unedited version of Doug’s e-mail in which he presents his case to his fellow classmates: 

Chico – I would like to respond to this nonsense and to set the record straight. Please share with the class. I have much to address. First of which will be about frigging Carbonneau. I mean really. Rettig wants to choose Carbonneau?? He really must not be smarter than a second grader.

I certainly don’t believe all this Reyo nonsense. When I read that I knew this wasn’t legit. Reyo is a former Avery Heights Posse member. He and Dudley ran our streets. And Jones and I were on their side, so I know Reyo wouldn’t side with Carbs. Let me share some 1st hand knowledge of the Dudley/Matthews crew. I remember way back when I was like 13 playing in the streets of Wild Willow Road and a car comes by and waves to us kids…..well, Dudley was the one behind the wheel. He’s one of the most underestimated bad ass kids of Wachusett and I’m glad to have him on my side. I mean Dudley was driving before I even had my diapers off. That’s badass.

Then there was that infamous party on Avery Heights that Josh Kingdon’s folks put an end to. The same party where Matthews/Dudley had scanners and Sara Leander had a famous asthma attack as the cops stormed. Not surprisingly the pair had a scanner and were ahead of the curve. Point is that Reyo and Dudley are loyal to the Laidlaws. Just because Carbs went to Westfield with Jones doesn’t make him fit for a reunion king.

I am campaigning hard for Jones and I expect others to do so as well. He brings knowledge and has been in the captain’s seat before. I laugh when I see Lewis with zero votes. The class of ’94 is so talented that we will put our resources where they are needed. I will have Lewis and Roberge instead focusing their powers on financial management of our class. Personnel will be handled by Harmon the leader of the Harmon/Hoffman group. I will likely bring in Laura Costello as my associate to cover women issues within our class. After all Nordy is married to her sister. I will be bringing Hooten and Senkowski to our military forces as they once orchestrated the Hooten/Payson fight. But I will also bring two classmates to our inner circle with Jones and I. Jones and I will be bringing Hough and Woonat into the mix. The always unpredictable Hough will likely be drinking. You never know what he’s thinking. He may snap at anytime and I like that. Then there’s Nate Wood.  Woonat will probably be setting explosives to somebody’s car cause he’s so damn angry.

Just beat it Carbs.You had your chance as Reunion King and it just didn’t work. Shit, I thought you went to St. Johns anyway. Why don’t you go put on that track outfit one more time. Thank you for your attention. Our class reunion is not a privilege but a responsibility, one that Jones and I take seriously. Class of 93 had Benson and Granahan, but we have so much more. Vote responsibly.

2015 Father of the Year and Brother to the real Reunion King,

Doug Laidlaw

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