Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four

Welcome Friends, Mountaineers, Classmates!

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The Wachusett Class of 1994 is so awesome and amazing. Tom Brokaw may have written about The Greatest Generation, but time and time again our class has made a strong case for being the Greatest High School Class in the History of High Schools Ever.

The list of amazing names in our class is off the charts:

1. Dana Gray and his nice hair
2. The Tinman and his mad ball skills – breakin’ ankles like he was Allen Iverson
3. Roberge and his Get Dancin’ CD
4. The Laidlaws and their delicious bass
5. Larry Rettig the tallest person in our class
6. Steve Coyle who continues to PUMP UP THE JAM despite the naysayers
7. Megan Hehir and her New Kids On The Block poster collection
8. Pat Thompson and his push ups
9. Suzanne Breen and Lauren Sawyer those chicks from Princeton

These stalwarts and others from the Wachusett Class of 1994 are on par with the creme de la creme of this country.

We have totally earned the right to be called BEST CLASS EVER! This Blog will be updated periodically to keep in touch with class members, make announcements about weddings, births and any other monumental occasion like a John Dudley & Reyo Matthews kegger in the woods. In addition, we will talk trash about other classes because we can. There is nothing like the feeling of totally destroying someone in an online blog or chatroom. Don’t ever doubt the clout.

Please feel free to email us any updates, photos, or thoughts that you would like to share with other class members.

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