Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four



Ray Allen’s 30 point game on Monday night – 28 in the second half – against the Chicago Bulls was truly one for the ages.

With two seconds left he hit the game winning three to tie the series and give the Boston Celtics life in the best of seven series.

For anyone who watched, Ray and his UCONN counterpart, Ben Gordon, went head to head in the second half trading basket after basket in a shooting display reminiscent of the Larry Bird/Dominique Wilkins scoring duel in Game 7 of the 1988 Eastern Conference semifinals.

Yet, immediately following the game the Internet was abuzz, not with talk of Ray Allen’s performance, but of another basketball great – Class of ’94 hardwood legend Mike Senckowski.

Dave Wuth called Ray Allen a poor man’s Mike Senckowski, writing on his Facebook page that “Ray couldn’t carry Mike’s jock strap. Plain and simple.”

Chris Tremblay wrote that Senckowski was the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be. “Ray Allen never put up 37 on Milford,” Tremblay said. “Mike Senckowski did. And I was there.”

Brant Harmon placed Senckowski in a class all by himself. “If I was forming a basketball team to win a championship, Senckowski would be the first person I’d pick,” he said. “I wouldn’t even consider Ray Allen.”

With all this controversy we are asking you to decide.


5 thoughts on “MIKE VS. RAY

  1. Wait, wasn’t there a guy in our class named Ray Allen? Just checking.

  2. Senkowski wore an earing. Allen wore 2 arm bands. Senkowski played the whole game. Allen only played the second half. Senkowski had Marzilli as a wing man. Allen had none. Senkowski was a Mountaineer. Allen a Husky. Senkowski schooled Marone. Allen dropped out of school. Senkowski had Chico in the stands. Allen had six illegitmate kids in the stands.

  3. Mike “Punchy” Senckowski… aka the “hawaiian polack” dropped 39 on the infamous Zach McCall. Did Ray Allen ever play on acid? There were times when Punchy was so hot, Courriveau was overheard telling him “look to shot as soon as you cross half court.” Ray Allen needs to come of picks.

  4. senkowski was from the calss of ’94. ’nuff said.

  5. There was a student in our class named Ray Allen!

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