Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four



Dana Gray has been banned from attending the Sweet 16 Reunion after he was seen gallivanting around town with President Barack Obama this weekend.

When asked why he would betray his class president like this Dana replied that his loyalty is to one man and one man only: Obama.

“I refuse to salute Chico,” Dana said. “Chico is not MY president.”

At this point class officers are convening in a closed door session where they will reportedly charge Dana with war crimes, treason and label him as an enemy of the state.

5 thoughts on “BANNED!

  1. This is disgusting. Dana is the ultimate betrayer!!! Et Tu Dana?

  2. Dana,
    I didn't realize you were 6'4″
    and a sell out…

  3. Hey, he reached out to me. Everyone wants to roll with The Dana, what can I say…

  4. It looks like the 2 of them were discussing the legalization of Marijuana. It must be for their glaucoma

  5. I think they were talking about going to the Bar and Pushing in each others stools

    What a dickfarmer

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