Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four


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We have just been notified that our senior class president and leader, Chris Kazarian, will be making an appearance at Barnes & Noble in Lincoln Plaza, Worcester on Friday, June 15 from 3:30-4:30 PM.
The event is open and free to the public and will feature a reading and explanation of the caption underneath Chris’ yearbook photo. “I am extremely excited that my fans will have a chance to be a part of this kind of history,” Chris said in a press release.
This will be followed by a short Q & A; the event will conclude with a yearbook signing. Please note, Chris will only be autographing Class of ’94 Yearbooks. He will not be signing basketballs, baseballs, beer pong balls, photos, Wachusett Class rings, Wachusett Lettermen’s jackets, or body parts.

Flash photography will be allowed.

This is the first yearbook signing Chris has attended since August 27, 1994. “Over the past 13 years, many of my classmates have told me the one thing they regretted since graduating is that they didn’t get my signature in their yearbook,” Chris said. “I wanted to give them that opportunity before it’s too late. I anticipate a large turn out.”
Stiles & Mitchell, the PR firm representing Chris, expected a minimum of 17,000 people to attend Friday’s event. The firm is basing its figures on the most recent census data completed in 2000, which showed that over 85,000 Worcester county residents considered the Class of ’94 the best ever.
Janet Hopperman, president of Stiles & Mitchell, said, “using these census figures, we can accurately predict with confidence that this event will break records for any yearbook signing appearance ever in this country.”
Chris has promised to sign autographs for all in attendance. “If it means I have to stay until 5 PM, I will do it,” he said. “I want my fans to go away happy.”

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  1. it is 9-5-07 and i am still waiting in line.

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