Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four


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Class President Mo Cheeks has done it again!!! He has pulled off the unthinkable.

In the greatest prank in the history of April Fools Day pranks, he was able to convince all the other classes that he had resigned as Class President yesterday afternoon.

All but one class (THE CLASS OF ’94) bit on the news that he had retired.

“My phone was ringing off the hook,” Vice President Tyler Bradshaw, who was in on the joke, said. “You name it, they were calling. Presidents from the Classes of ’59, ’63, ’67, ’69, ’72, ’86, ’93…. the list goes on and on ’till the break of dawn. They all were trying to pull off trades to get our top performers and ransack our class. It was what I term a wholesale looting. They viewed his resignation as an opportunity to bring us down.”

Unfortunately for them, Mo Cheeks was still in power and he has promised to hand down repercussions to those that are found guilty in the forms of fines, suspensions and tough talk.

“But, that is all a matter for another day,” Mo Cheeks said. “Now is time to celebrate the fact that we were able to pull off one of the most amazing April Fools day pranks ever.”

And that – celebrating – is what class members were doing as of press time. Here is a smattering of opinions from top leaders in our class:

  • “This is the greatest achievement of any class in Wachusett history.” – Historian and WRHS Superintendent Dr. Pandiscio (ex-officio member of the Class of ’94)
  • “This is why I joined the Best Class Ever.” – Mark Pirani
  • “People are rioting in the streets. This is bigger than when WRHS football won states.” – Adam Porcaro
  • “Shotgun go Boo-Yaa.” – Beth Woodcome
  • “The jam has just been pumped.” – Steve Coyle
  • “If you were to ask me what I wanted more, $1 million or for Mo Cheeks to successfully pull off this prank, I would choose the latter because that means our class is still on top.” – Dan Quist
  • “When I was a sophomore, my April Fools Day joke was to put chalk in an eraser in my English class. This trumps that tenfold maybe even elevenfold.” – Sam Pulda
  • “I wish every day was April Fools day, but instead it should be called Class of ’94 Day because we deserve our own holiday.” – Jay Hooten
  • “On June 7, 1993, I cast my vote for Mo Cheeks to be our senior class president. Today, that vote has paid off in spades.” – Mark Palmer

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