Making History Since Nineteen-Nordy Four


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Mark Roberge (seen above drinking special tea) was recently voted 2005 WACHUSETT ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR!

He was fired up to receive this award and said he is doing a lot of entrepreneur stuff. He delved into specifics saying he is “being really entrepreneurial. You know wheeling and dealing, checking out the stock ticker, loading up my blackberry, walking into the financial district in Boston and pointing at financial things. The key to being successful is pointing at financial buildings and signs, wearing a suit and using a palm pilot. Half the time my palm pilot isn’t on, but if I have my stylus out and pretend to push things, it shows I’m an entrepreneur. You’d be amazed at how many deals I’ve closed doing that.

Mark also said there are five keys to closing a deal. They are:

1. Nodding your head and saying “Hmmm, interesting” a lot.2. Using catch phrases — Mark always tries to fit in the following during an entrepreneurial meeting:

     “How about that game last night? I lost big money. Big, big money.”
     “Can you believe this weather? I had to cancel my flight to Japan.”
     “The Dow is up today. 500 points baby!”

3. In the middle of a meeting drop a hundred dollar bill on the floor. Pick it up slowly and say, “Oh, that’s from my last meeting I had yesterday with another investor.”

4. Have a friend ring your phone in the middle of the meeting. Take the call and say the following lines:“Mr. Borengartener, I’m in the middle of an important meeting. Oh, so you want to invest in me and my ideas. Well, like we discussed I would need five million up front, all in unmarked bills dropped off at my apartment tonight. I’m glad you’re on board. You won’t be sorry.”

5. When you don’t know an answer to a question always say, “I’ll have my assistant look into that.”If you follow these five easy steps you can be an entrepreneur and start doing entrepreneurial things. As Mark says, “This award shows that my ideas are to be taken seriously. I now know I am doing entrepreneurial stuff that will be recognized by my peers. I think in the next five to ten years I will be doing more entrepreneurial stuff like now but more entrepreneurial-driven.”

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